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Cartoon Backpacks

Whether you are looking for a backpack to carry your books and laptop to school, or a backpack to carry your toys, there are many cartoon backpack available on the market. You can choose from Darth Vader, Super Mario Bros, or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These backpacks can be reversible to allow you to carry your belongings in two different ways.

Ghostbusters backpack

Whether you are looking for a Halloween costume, a costume to wear on your job, or just need to carry some personal items around, the Ghostbusters backpack is a great option. You can wear it to school or work, or to a movie reenactment.

The Proton Pack is one of the most iconic gadgets used in Ghostbusters. It accelerates a stream of protons through a synchrotron, which then shoots a beam of protons through the proton stream. These particles are negatively charged, and can be used to trap ghosts against their will.


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